Tiny Home? How You Can Open Up The Smallest Of Spaces

Small houses can be fantastic for many reasons, yet they can cause problems when it comes to storage. After all, tiny spaces equal tiny storage. If you’re struggling to find space, here is what you need to know to maximize what you have.

Declutter and Donate

It may not be the most exciting conclusion, but decluttering and letting go of things you just don’t need can truly open up space. This process is most easily accomplished if you sort your goods into three piles: “keep,” “trash” and “donate.” When making your piles, keep in mind that things that turn your stomach such as stained linens or torn towels will probably not make good donations and should be thrown away. Once you have your piles, decide how you’ll use each “keep” item and know precisely where you will store it, preferably near where you will use it. If there is no space, really evaluate if you need it.

Our wardrobes are prime targets for decluttering, so don’t overlook your clothes. Put your items to the year-test. Have you worn it within a year? No? Get rid of it. You might be surprised how much room you can come up with simply by getting rid of the things you have collected, but have no value, over the years.


Hide Your Storage

One way to create room in your home is to switch out traditional furniture for pieces that can double as storage. Couches can be bought, or made like ottomans, open up and allow you to hide away knickknacks, blankets or even shoes. Beds come with shelves underneath and allow you to store your linens, clothes, books, anything at all, under where you sleep. Instead of that glass coffee table, get one that has drawers where you can keep your TV remotes, notepads and tablets. Use trunks as end tables, lamp desks or bedside tables. Get creative and make sure any furniture you buy has multiple uses.


Underfloor Potential

If you own your home, you have the possibility of creating brand new avenues for storing your goods. All you have to do is pull up a few floorboards. By hiding cupboards and closets below your feet, you can seamlessly incorporate extra storage with no one being the wiser. You can put things you don’t access often such as chemicals or even sealed winter clothes under the flooring in your bedroom closet. The creation process is a lot easier than you might think, and you only need a handful of tools to get the job done.



Customization of your home can truly go a long way to giving you the room you need. If you have a multi-story home, you can turn your stairs into drawers and double up your space. Pull-out storage affords you more room as well, so think about whether or not your kitchen can offer a pull-out pantry. You can turn your bed frame into a bookcase that blends in with the wall, and gives more room for your books, light, your journal, or even spare blankets for the bed. You might even be able to put a pegboard onto your kitchen wall and hang large pots and pans, giving you ease of access and opening up cupboards.

These can be easily built based on your own specifications. Just be careful when you hang them up, as you want to ensure it can support the weight of multiple pieces of kitchen equipment. In fact, these pegboards can go in multiple rooms to give your wall space new possibilities.

No one denies that living in a small home can be difficult. Finding creative ways to store your goods, however, is easier than you think with all the inspiration available online. Start by decluttering, and see what potential you can bring out of your home.

Article courtesy of Julian Lane of The FixitChamp

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