Important Things To Remember While You Choose Kit Homes

With more and more people opting for kit homes and the increase in demand has also given rise to number of doubts around these homes. Hence, we’ve decided to clear the air by compiling a list of things you should know about kit homes.

4 things to know about choosing Kit Homes

1. What exactly is the kit home building?

In simple words, kit homes are constructed from using building materials that have been manufactured in different sections or portions. These are also known as prefabricated homes. These homes are like the traditional houses but not constructed in the traditional way. You can call them Lego-style construction blocks where you just have to assemble different parts of the house together to build a home. You can design the entire home with a manufacturer and have it delivered to your location.

2. Is it better to build on-site or off-site?

If you are someone who wants to build the home with the help of labors, you can have the various kit home components delivered to your location which is known as on site constructions. In case you are someone who does not have the time to build the house or run behind the builder then you can choose a kit home. This is called as offsite construction.   The different parts of your home will be constructed at the warehouse of the manufacturer, and they will transport these parts to your address. Afterward, they will assemble and install such parts on your land. You can also move your kit home from one place to another in future.

3. When should you use kit homes?

Shorter construction time:
A brand new kit home takes half the time to complete as compared to traditionally built homes which can take up to 6-12 months or even longer. Whether it on-site and off-site construction, the wait is no longer than 1 year. So, you do not need to pay the rent for more than a year and you can shift to your dream home as soon as possible.
The best part about kit homes is that you will know in advance the completion time and the total cost of the entire constructions. You do not have to worry about any unexpected charges or expenses that were not calculated earlier making it easier to accomplish and establish everything else. Traditional construction, on the other hand, rarely meets the initial date, resulting in an expensive deal.
Less stress:
Many kit home manufacturing firms offer to perform the heavy lifting for you if you opt for off-site construction which may be at an additional cost, but the quality will not be compromised. This eliminates a lot of pressure and apprehension. Furthermore, if you build off-site, there will be no delays due by intemperate weather.

4. Is it sensible to invest in kit homes?

Apart from the above mentioned benefits there are indeed several aspects to consider when deciding to invest in kit homes for you. kit homes provide long-term ROI (return on investment) when it comes to selling them in future depending on the type of area your house is located in.

Why would you choose kit homes?

Kit homes or prefabricated homes become very popular, and these homes are chosen by the self-builders. If you want to build your dream home within a small budget, then such prefab homes are the best suggestions for you. Customize your home according to your needs and you do not need to bear the labour cost, material charges and transportation cost. You just need to pay a fixed price for purchasing your home.

What are the advantages of kit homes?

  • Kit homes are available in various designs, and you can choose the best one according to your needs. You can add state-of-art facility in your home, and you do not need to invest any additional amount on your home.
  • It is possible for you to construct your home using DIY tools. And for this you do not need to hire labours or a team of builders to install the same. Manufacturer will transport the different building parts of your home to your site, and you can install them according to their manual. It will save your overall construction cost. Just refer to the manual instructions carefully.
  • Traditional construction process can take more than two to three years to complete your home. If you are living in a rented home and want to shift to your own home, a relocated home is the best option for you. Parts of these kit homes are prefabricated, and they are easily available in their stock. Hence it is easy to assemble them and construct your home.
  • Kit homes are cost-effective that traditional homes. In the case of traditional construction process, you need to spend your time, effort and money. But you can save your time and money by choosing a kit home. You can choose a simple design for your home to save your overall construction cost.
  • A prefab home is made by durable materials, and they can last for years. You do not need to spend a huge maintenance cost on your home. Moreover, you do not need to deal with plumbers, electricians, concreters, pavers, and HVAC technicians. If you face any issue in your prefab home, then simply call the manufacturer to repair the same. They have different teams of technicians, and they can repair your home within a day.

Apart from that, they can also provide a long-term warranty on their prefab homes, and you can claim their warranty if required. Their warranty will cover various aspects of the houses. So, make sure to read on the terms before your purchase the house. Also, different dealers have different conditions on their warranty policies, hence make sure to go through all of that. You can move your home from one place to a land that is vacant. You could possibly move your home from a land area to a hilly region at the time of retirement and live the rest of the life in peace. You do not need to build another home for the same and you can move your existing home to that area.

What are the disadvantages of kit homes?

Once your home shifted to your site, you cannot change its parts. Apart from that, you need to bear a huge transportation cost to move your home from one place to another, especially if you want to shift your home to an overseas location. Kit homes are not extreme weather resistant, and your home can get affected by adverse climatic problems. These homes are only for those live-in areas where climate is calm.


But you can also avail the above benefits of kit homes and you can reduce your transportation cost by choosing a local kit home manufacturer.

When the concept of kit homes was pretty new, there were instances of low quality work, damages caused to the various components of t the kit home but with time and advancement in the technology you can see best quality work. Modern kit home packages provide more flexibility, fixed pricing, and timelines, as well as significant environmental benefits. Manufacturers of the kit homes have started to use durable materials that can resist the adverse climatic problems. The left over materials is used in making other kit homes which also reduce the waste of the materials.

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