Children’s Books About Moving

Moving is a stressful time for everyone in the family. If you have found a larger family home, or have to relocate because of a recent job offer, getting ready for the move can be overwhelming. So before you make all the arrangements and get all the boxes packed take the time to prepare your children for what’s ahead. Books are a great way to get the conversation started!

5 Children’s Books about Moving

We Are Moving – by Mercer Mayer (2012). Little Critter® has lots of questions to ask Mom and Dad when he finds out they’re moving. When his parents tell him they have exciting news he thinks it may be a new dog or a new baby! However, when they explain that it is a new house Little Critter® begins to worry about a lot of things. Will there be monsters next door? Can he bring his sandbox? What if there are bullies at his new school?

Mercer Mayer’s book is a great way for your child to bring up their fears and worries about moving. It helps your child know that someone else, such as Little Critter®, feels exactly like they do.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day – by Stan & Jan Berenstain (1981). This is the story of the Bear family’s move to their now-famous tree house in Bear Country. Brother Bear shares his concerns about moving with Mama and Papa Bear. Will he be able to take his toys and book? What about his friends?

This book was created to help kids going through the angst of moving and change. It is a fantastic read for children that are moving and are worried about adjusting to their new location. It will reassure them that they will be able to keep certain toys and familiar things that hold important memories.

We’re Moving – by Heather Maisner (2004). When Amy and her family move into a new house, it takes some effort to make it feel like home. She and her little brother Ben have mixed feelings about the move. Their new house has a big back yard to play in, but Amy misses the flower garden she and her Dad planted.

This is a wonderful book for toddlers and preschoolers that may have mixed emotions about change and growing up.

Tigger’s Moving Day – by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld (1999). Tigger’s house is getting too small for him! Every time he bounces he knocks things over. He calls on his friends for some help. Rabbit thinks the perfect solution would be moving. Tigger is anxious about what moving will mean. He has a lot of questions.

One of the most anxiety-provoking events of childhood is gently handled in this “Winnie -The-Pooh” book. Your child will love the characters and the great solutions. This story will encourage them to express their feelings and concerns about leaving their familiar surroundings and their special friends.

Big Ernie’s New Home – Teresa & Whitney Martin (2006). In this book “Big Ernie” is a cat who is struggling with a move. Henry, Ernie’s owner, is a little boy who is a supportive friend of Ernie as they weather the move together. Big Ernie’s emotions about moving are those that a child would experience. He is mad, sad and scared.

This story will allow your child a way to begin to understand and express some of their feelings about moving without it seeming quite so scary. It opens up the possibility for children to know that is okay to share their questions and concerns about the upcoming change.

I have included just a few of the resources available to help you support your child through a move to a new home. Children love reading with their parents. Many kids find it easier to organize and discuss their emotions when they can relate to the characters in a story. Books are a perfect way to reduce their stress and get them talking before, during and after the move.

Including and supporting your child through the moving process will not only reduce their stress, but give you less to worry about at a very busy and emotional time.

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