6 Things You’re Better Off Leaving Behind

Easy moving is not unheard of. You’re just not ready for it, YET. Some things are better left where they are, or even better, disposed of. 

In this article, we will cover 6 categories of things that you should leave behind and how you can determine if something is worth packing. 

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1. Appliances

Appliances, such as washers and dryers, are considered a modern necessity of life and consequently, you might ask “Why wouldn’t I bring it?”. Well, not only are they difficult to move due to their weight and space complexity, but if they’re old, you’re better off buying newer ones. 

If your appliances are brand new, you can keep them, but considering the life span of an appliance, you should probably leave it behind. If you do choose to move your appliances, make sure you pack them properly, as they have a lot of moving parts that can easily get broken via rapid breaks in movement.

2. Old Furniture

Is your furniture torn, dirty, smelly? Toss it out. There’s no reason to keep old furniture, especially if it is in poor condition. Moving companies often charge by the box or by the room for home moves, so you’ll save quite a bit of money by leaving the furnishings behind. 

If you can’t find the courage to throw the furniture away, try to get some work done on it, such as upholstery or re-staining. You can even do this on your own, which you might find quite enjoyable.

3. Kitchen Gear

Dishes stack up quickly when you move in. A couple of cups turns into a dozen, so on and so forth. Do you really need all of that kitchen gear when you move out? 

Do you need that many plates, cups, bowls? If the answer is no, get rid of them. Dishes are not fun to pack, and it just takes too much time. Save yourself the trouble, rid yourself of the nuisance, and buy yourself just as much as you need for your new home.

4. Paperwork
If you are one of those people who just love to collect all of the receipts, bills, and payments – moving is the one and only opportunity to rid yourself of this collection of reminders. You can throw away tax returns after seven years, shredding is probably the best option. 

Get rid of all the unnecessary junk of paper that you are most likely never ever gonna touch in the future. Starting with bank account applications, ending with greeting cards from people you don’t know.

5. Legible Material
You’re a studious fellow, you’ve got magazines, books, course material and much more. We understand. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of legible material in your home, but when it comes to moving, your books come to be a topic for discussion. 

Are you ever going to read that again? Is there any value in holding on to it? There are others who would gladly take those books for a variety of purposes. Libraries, schools, salvation armies – they would do well if you donated those books. Not to mention, at some point, somewhere, someone is going to read the book and find some inspiration, some action, some drivers that will help them in their life. Now isn’t that lovely?

6. Food
Food should be disposed of and never brought with you. If you can’t do that, donate to a food bank instead. If you have a stock of non-perishable food, you should call the moving company beforehand.

They can help you get the food delivered to another location, or you can call Move for Hunger, which will come to your house and pack all of the foods to deliver to those who need it most.

How to Determine If You Should Keep Something?

Don’t be afraid to ask the right question. When it comes to moving, you’re either overdoing or you’re just doing it right. Now the difference between the two lies in how willing are you to dispose of the mental weight that comes with ridding yourself of all the unnecessary items. 

But when it comes to figuring out what is unnecessary, a little issue arises. So in order to do that, you can ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the item useful in any way? How often do I use it?
  2. Do I need it? Will I use it in the future?
  3. What condition is it in? How long will it last?
  4. Does it improve my life in any way?
  5. Is it a quality product that cannot be replaced easily? 
  6. Will I have use for it in the new home? 
  7. Will it match the design and decor of the new home? 
  8. Will it fit into the new residence?
  9. Do I have a designated location for the object in the home? Do I have enough space to store it?
  10. Is it irreplaceable? Vintage, collectors, heirloom, unique? 
  11. Does it hold sentimental value to me?

By getting an answer to any or all of these questions, you can quickly determine if you need to keep or deplete yourself of the worry that comes with throwing away an item. 

Easy Moving Achieved

Now that you know that easy moving involves knowing how to pick your battles, as in knowing what to throw out and what to keep. You are well on your way to successfully moving into your new home.

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